FANZ Member Awards Entry Process

Plan & Enter

It’s time to start planning your entry. Have a look through the categories available and find the categories that best apply to your business.

These awards are open to all FANZ members including affiliates, franchisors, support staff and franchisees.

Be sure that the following are current:

  • FANZ Membership
  • Franchise System Compliance

and that the franchise system, franchisee or affiliate is not party to any litigation.

View the Awards Categories and download the Entry Guide for more information.

Register and pay here

Upon completion of your registration, a link to the online portal will be sent to your email.

Registrations close on 15 July 2022.

Please contact or call 09 274 2901 if you have any questions.

Submit Your Entry

Submit your entry via the online portal. 

Each entry submission must include:

  • A Business Profile
  • Category Questions
  • Logo(s) and photo(s)

Entries must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 4 August.

Judging Commences

Judges will assess entrants’ submissions. Entrants will receive phone contact from a Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards judge during the judging period. 

The purpose of the call is to talk with you about your entry and clarify any matters the judges are not clear on. The call will not be long or onerous.

Finalists Announced

All entrants will be notified as to whether they have achieved finalist status Wednesday 28 September.

Awards Gala Dinner

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday 12 November 2022 at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland. 


Judging Panels

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022 will be judged by an Independent Judging Panel of experienced judges from a variety of business sectors. FANZ has worked closely with panel convenor, Gillian Taylor, to ensure that the panel has the right mix of expertise and experience. 

Judging panel members each have one or more of the following credentials:

  • Experience in judging other awards programmes
  • Have been involved in developing, supporting, entering and/or winning awards programmes
  • Past experience in Franchising – either as a Franchisor, Franchisee, or provider to the sector.

Our convenor Gillian has 14 years’ experience judging and leading teams of judges for the Westpac Auckland Business Awards; at various times she has helped design awards programmes, worked with companies on their award entries and provided consulting services to a Franchise System owner.


What makes an entry stand out to the judges?

One thing that really makes entrants stand out is when they demonstrate a genuine passion and commitment for their business – that is, show the judges through all their answers that every aspect of their business is oriented to excellence in the category.

For example, if a Franchisee is entering Customer Service, they need to demonstrate that all aspects of the business, their decisions, processes, training etc are based on giving the customer the best possible service experience.


These awards are designed to be accessible to franchisors and franchisees of all sizes and types. How are the smaller franchisors and franchisees supposed to compete against larger ones who may have a greater national presence or more larger customers bases?

Firstly, please note there is a small business category for franchisees.

The judges recognise it is hard for a small system/business to compete with a larger system/business. If the entrant can demonstrate their thinking, and processes and practises are robust, relative to the size of their business then they are always going to be a good contender.

For example, smaller systems/businesses might answer a question with very general statements such as “there are just 3 of us in the team, we meet every day and I just make sure everyone knows what needs to be done” …. This is not a winning response.

The judges would prefer to see that the entrant understands what matters – explains more about what topics are covered when at the daily meeting how training needs are identified what metrics are shared with staff about performance, and what information is used in group discussions to help improve business success.


What information are the judges looking for with the question – Provide significant achievements for the past 12 – 18 months and what these achievements are attributed to?

The judges are interested to read about the entrant’s achievements in all areas, including financials, employee growth and development, recognition, growth of the network or local franchise, new systems, outstanding delivery performance, and feedback.

A critical factor with this question is to demonstrate an understanding of how these things have been achieved and what the characteristics of the business are that support these achievements.

Responses will vary dependant on the category.

For example, a Franchise system – does their financial success clearly result from the high levels of franchisee satisfaction they achieve.

Does a Franchisee’s excellent service drive repeat sales, referrals, and longevity of the relationship, which in turn delivers financial growth?

Ensure all responses provide evidence or data to back the entrant’s success somewhere in the entry or attachment.


Some franchisors and franchisees are nervous or lack confidence to enter?

Simply be brave and do it. It’s a fantastic chance to reflect, think about what makes your business special and write that down. Your team will feel proud that you are prepared to enter, and it will help you capture your journey and progress year by year as well.


Is it correct that as part of the process all entrants will receive a phone or video call from the judges If an entrant enters more than one category will they get more than one phone call?

Yes, entrants receive a phone or video call from the judges to discuss the entry further. If the entrant is entered in more than one category they will receive a call per category entry.


Do the entrants need to prepare anything for the judge’s call?

The call will be short and is not a test. There is no need to prepare anything, just be ready to share your story and what makes your business special in context to the category you have entered.


Does my entry have to look fancy and why are entrants restricted to 3000 words or 6 pages?

No, the entry does not need to look fancy – substance will trump style in every case. However, it does need to be concise which is why there are size limits.

The word and page limits are also key regarding clarity – the judges would like the entrant to think about their responses and be able to present their entry in a way that shows they understand.


What is the best tip for franchisors and franchisees entering these awards?

Entrants should think about the question and what it asks – don’t answer superficially or too briefly.

A couple of examples:

Simply stating that ‘we have a great franchisee centric culture’ is not enough – entrants need to describe the culture, how it is nurtured and the culture transfers to employees and franchisees as the case may be.

Our customers ‘love us’ is not enough – provide the judges with evidence – such as feedback, survey results, repeat and referral sales figures etc.