FANZ Member Awards Entry Process

Registration Form Process

Confirm your FANZ Membership is Current

Download your Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Registration Form.

View the Awards Categories and download the Questionnaire relevant to the Awards you plan to enter.

Complete the Registration Form by 5pm, Thursday 24 June 2021 and submit the Registration form and supporting Logo, photos etc. online.

All award entrants are required to complete the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Registration Form.

Confirmation of Registration

Once registration has been receipted at FANZ, entrants will be sent a personalised Dropbox folder to upload final submissions.

Final Entry Submission

Registered entrants are required to submit all entries in the format outlined in the Award Category Questionnaire. Entries must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 15 July to the Dropbox file provided by FANZ upon confirmation of registration.

Evaluation Commences

Judges will assess entrants’ submissions. Entrants will receive phone contact from a Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards judge during the judging period. It is important that the contact person on the registration form is the person who wrote the application, as that is who judges will call.

The purpose of the call is to talk with you about your entry and clarify any matters the judges are not clear on. The call will not be long or onerous.

Reasonable efforts will be made to contact your nominated contact person, however, if you have not received contact by Wednesday 1 September please email:

Finalists Notified

All entrants will be notified as to whether they have achieved finalist status by Thursday 16 September.

Awards Dinner

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday 30 October 2021 at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland. 


Judging Panels

The Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2021 will be judged by an Independent Judging Panel of experienced judges from a variety of business sectors. FANZ has worked closely with panel convenor, Gillian Taylor, to ensure that the panel has the right mix of expertise and experience. 

Judging panel members each have one or more of the following credentials:

  • Experience in judging other awards programmes
  • Have been involved in developing, supporting, entering and/or winning awards programmes
  • Past experience in Franchising – either as a Franchisor, Franchisee, or provider to the sector.

Our convenor Gillian has 14 years’ experience judging and leading teams of judges for the Westpac Auckland Business Awards; at various times she has helped design awards programmes, worked with companies on their award entries and provided consulting services to a Franchise System owner.

Q & A with our Convener of Judges